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The food
From Food trucks to 5-star restaurants, we have it all. Home to some of the best Sonorran food in the region.
The City Lights
Southern Arizona has it all, museums, fine food, and a vibrant nightlife scene. Something for everybody!
The Beauty of the Outdoors
Southern Arizona is a breathtaking area to visit.
Southern Arizona Art
Home to talented Mexican, Indigenous and Local Artists.
Explore the Ghost Towns
From the touristy spots to the abandoned

august, 2022

Featured Businesses

  • Something Something Theatre

    ​Something Something Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that strives to produce the work of women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and nonbinary playwrights season after season and is also committed to featuring non-traditional casting.
  • Lone Mountain Turquoise Company

    Located in Tubac, AZ, Lone Mountain Turquoise Co. is a stunning gallery filled with Native American Jewelry, Rugs, Pottery, Paintings, Baskets and Sculpture from over 3000 artists.
  • Borderlands Restoration Network - Patagonia

    We partner to grow a restorative economy by rebuilding healthy ecosystems, restoring habitat for plants and wildlife, and reconnecting our border communities to the land through shared learning.

Whoever said that Southern Arizona was nothing but desert, must never have experienced the grandeur of the giant Saguaro, or the steep, whimsical winding streets of Historic Bisbee. Mountain top views and wildlife sightings in Coronado National Forest await the avid nature seeker while rounds of Golf, beautiful works of local art and mouthwatering Sonoran specialties are calling from Tubac, Douglas, Nogales and beyond! Whether you want to experience vibrant, cultural nightlife in Downtown Tucson or witness the excitement of a Wild West Shootout in Tombstone, SoAZ Happens is your “one-click site” to make your adventure one that you’ll remember for a lifetime!