About Us

SoAZ Happens is a project with a local-based focus and a love for all things that happen in Southern Arizona.

The purpose of Soaz Happens is to share the majesty, culture, lifestyle, and history of the Southeastern region of breathtaking Arizona. The region is full of many small, family own businesses with unique offerings. Supporting small businesses is a core value of our and taking part in promoting the local cuisine, culture, and goods of the SoAZ region is important to us.

From the bustling city of Tucson to the small, eclectic town of Bisbee you can find what you’re looking for, whatever it may be, and experience it the SoAZ way – smiling in the sunshine, basking in the glow of the beguiling stars, or simply finding yourself in awe of the natural beauty that constantly surrounds you.

Hop on your motorcycle, convertible, side-by-side, or board the next flight to the area and explore, create new memories, and truly see what SoAZ is all about! (And keep an eye out for Javelinas!)

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