Located roughly 14 miles south of the 10 on Apache Pass Road you will find the trailhead which leads to Fort Bowie.

Built in the late 1800’s, Fort Bowie was the site of almost 25 years of conflict between the Chiricahua Apache and United States Army. Fort Bowie served as a prison of sorts for many Apache People and has a relatively dark history, leading many to believe that the location is haunted.
Today, Fort Bowie is well-preserved by the National Park Service. What remains are the adobe ruins of the original fort as well as a cemetery which may contain upwards of 112 graves. There is also a visitor’s center. An important thing to note is that to access Fort Bowie, the visitor’s center and cemetery; one must walk a distance of 1.5 miles.

The visitor’s center’s hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday from 8:30am til 4:00pm.
The trail to Fort Bowie is accessible daily, throughout the year, from sunrise to sunset.

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Photo by Wilson44691