Gleeson, Arizona

Located out in the middle of Cochise County, roughly 45 miles from the 10 along North High Lonesome Road is the ghost town of Gleeson. Gleeson was established in the year 1900, originally called “Turquoise”, after the mineral mined by Native Americans in the area. The town was named after John Gleeson (no, not that John Gleeson, silly) who opened the Copper Belle Mine. In 1912, 28 of the town’s buildings burned to the ground, but the town was rebuilt. The town had a population of about 500 until it fizzled out in the 1930s due to the depletion of the copper, zinc, lead, and silver being mined. The Gleeson Jail has since been renovated and is now a museum. Aside from the jail, there is one other business in the town that sells “rattlesnake products” … y’know, if that’s what you’re into. Throughout the site, you can find the ruins of a hospital, saloon, cemetery, jail and the village school. Gleeson can be accessed by car and the nearest town is Elfrida. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Used with permission: Wikipedia,_Arizona Photo by Cochise County Sheriff’s Office (Life time: ) – Original publication: 1910 Gleeson, Arizona Immediate