Located along state route 82 between Tombstone and Whetstone lies yet another Cochise County ghost town, Fairbank. (Don’t think Alaska, think the surface of the sun).

Named for railroad financier and Grand Central Mining Company Founder, Nathaniel Kellogg Fairbank, this town was originally the location of a Native American village named, Santa Cruz. With it’s close proximity to Tombstone, Fairbank was a waypoint between there and the rest of the western United States. Though it lasted much longer than many other ghost towns, Fairbank was almost completely deserted by the mid-1970s. The town is now incorporated into the San Pedro Riparian Natural Conservation Area as the “Fairbank Historic Townsite”. Still standing in the town are the old multi-use general store/post office/saloon, some wooden houses, the old schoolhouse, a railroad bridge, an outhouse, and stable.

This ghost town can be easily accessed by car, taking 90 down from the 10 and turning left onto 82. The nearest towns with amenities are Tombstone and Sierra Vista.

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Photo by The Old Pueblo