Duquesne (pronounced “do-cane”) can be accessed via Route 82, down Duquesne Road. It is roughly 26 miles from Nogales, situated close to the AZ/Sonora Border. (But don’t access it because, while it is one of SoAZ’s most well-preserved ghost towns, it is under private ownership). Sorry folks… We’ll tell you about it anyway!

Duquesne was developed in the 1890s. Once the headquarters of the Duquesne Mining and Reduction Company, and the site of the Bonanza Mine, Duquesne had a whapping population of 1000 residents in its heyday. George Westinghouse, of Westinghouse Electric Company, owned a large Victorian frame house in the town, the remnants of which still stand today. The town became mostly deserted by 1920.

Other remnants include a boarding house, brothel, commercial building, and an old cemetery.

Since the town is located on private property, we suggest NOT visiting or finding a way to ask permission. The town can be accessed via car, a short drive off of 82 near Nogales.

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Photo by The Old Pueblo