Located about 8 miles east of Patagonia (on Route 82), you will find the sparse ruins of Harshaw along (where else?) Harshaw Road.

Settled in the 1870s, Harshaw was named after David Tecumseh Harshaw who was the first to locate silver in the area. Near the end of the 1800s, Harshaw’s mines were some of the highest producers of ore in Arizona, the largest of the mines being the “Hermosa Mine”. In its heyday, Harshaw was the home to around 200 buildings. Eventually, the mines began to produce lower-quality silver ore in the early 1880s and subsequently closed down.

Today, there are several historic buildings remaining, however, most of them are on private property belonging to the Hale Ranch. One of these structures, The James Finley House, is listed on the NRHP and is a prime example of period architecture.

Harshaw can be accessed by car, turning left from 82 and after another immediate left, heading up Harshaw Road. The road heads into the Coronado National Forest and changes from pavement to rough dirt, so be sure to have a car that can handle a “rutty” road. When you get into Harshaw, you can see one building, but it is on private property (Hale Ranch). The nearest town with amenities to Harshaw is Patagonia.

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Photo by The Old Pueblo