The Tasteful Kitchen
The Tasteful Kitchen

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he Tasteful Kitchen is a creative and artful vegetarian restaurant. We offer a vegetarian menu that has been thoughtfully designed. Though most of our dishes tend to be vegan and gluten-free our food is not exclusive to any particular dietary group. Chef Sigret and Chef Laura both enjoy creating classic vegetarian dishes from time to time that may contain gluten, dairy and eggs and they reserve the right to do so. We enjoy working with seasonal fruits and vegetables with a strong emphasis on organic and locally grown produce. We offer farm to table specials frequently and local ingredients are intermingled throughout our menu. We keep our ingredients as close to their natural state as possible with an absolute minimum amount of processed foods. We make every effort to source the purest ingredients we can find and avoid foods with hydrogenated fats, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sweeteners, and GMO’S.