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Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona


Reservations 5 or more by e-mail 24 hours in advance.


Our meals are daily rituals that we should cherish as it is time spent with friends and loved ones. We aim to provide that space for people to focus on that ritual with little to no distraction from one another and the food.

Our wish is to feed everyone properly fermented natural sourdough pizza that won’t break your wallet, because that is where pizza should be.

It is here in Arizona where I truly learned about cooking with what is here in our own backyard and state. My four years working at Pizzeria Bianco has shown me the bounty this place can provide and how it should be cherished and respected. We hope to give back and feed the community of Tucson that we have come to love.

Simple, seasonal and straightforward. Vegetables are inherently delicious and we are here to help push them a little bit more to showcase how delicious they can be whether pickled, grilled, or raw. Bread comes from fermentation an amazing natural process that can be wonderful when properly cared for. It is healthy and is easy on our digestion. It is said to be the, “staff of life”, and it can be if properly made. We need to get back to what makes a great food and make it available to everyone.