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The oldest in a large family, Ricardo Sariñana, was a jack of all trades until 2015, when he found his true calling in coffee. Growing up, Rick was always an adrenaline junkie, so it makes sense that he would end up in a business known for boosting energy levels. Regulars of Brews Brothers are also familiar with his artistic ability, evident in the intricate way that he designs the signs inside the coffee shop. Although, he has always had a knack for art and lettering, his artistic interests don’t end there. A big music fan, he enjoys all kinds of music and even knows his way around a guitar. He might even tell you that his roasts taste better with the right soundtrack. As a roaster, Rick will tell you that you can’t have a favorite coffee roast because you have to give each one a chance. You have to keep yourself unbiased to ensure that each blend receives the same meticulous attention in order to bring out the best and precise flavors in each roast. Really Rick? You don’t have a favorite blend?? Actually between you and I, his current favorite is Peru medium. This South American blend profile has a strong nutty flavor with tones of chocolate that Rick just can’t stay away from, but don’t tell him I told you! In fact, if you want to know why he loves it so much, you should just come in and try it for yourself!