Church of Christ, Bisbee
Church of Christ, Bisbee

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Church of Christ in Bisbee, Arizona

Each congregation of the church of Christ is autonomous, answering only to God and functioning within the laws of the land. This allows each local congregation to follow the Biblical mandates and examples which, if followed, lets the glory of God shine through as a beacon of light for their community.
By following the Bible as its only creed, the members of the church of Christ have to discern between right and wrong and fellowship with groups of Christians who also seek to hide their lives in Christ (Colossians 3). Weigh the information gleaned through the use of this search engine carefully. Because it comes from so many different sources, we can not guarantee its correctness. Test the information for its correctness and suitability before you use it.



  • 224 Bisbee Rd
    Bisbee, AZ
  • (520) 432-9037