City Salads, Nogales
City Salads, Nogales

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Mexican Restaurant, Nogales, Arizona

The Story Behind Cocina La Ley
Cocina La Ley is a little restaurant gem worth finding. Located on 3rd Street, off of Grand Ave. Guests enjoy good food with an ambiance similar to busy streets of Central Mexico. For over 25 years, German Larios has offered delicious cuisine Mexicana to satisfy any pallet. As author and lover of good indigenous food, chef Anthony Bourdain would say, Cocina La Ley is a place you won’t want to pass up.

Using organic ingredients without anything artificial or with preservatives, German Larios serves traditional and fresh to order Mexican dishes with a specialty in seafood. Eating at Cocina La Ley you are guaranteed to take your taste buds on a joy ride. What started off with a vision of a successful Salsa company turned into what local residents know today as the “crudologos,” What is “crudologos” you may ask? In Spanish, being hung over is known as being ‘crudo.”. Larios is well known for his expertise in the kitchen but also known for his delicious food to not only stop cravings but hangovers as well.

Open 8 AM to 4 PM everyday, Cocina La Ley with its long history is practically a Nogales institution to locals. For others it is a hidden jewel yet to be discovered.

Cocina La Ley may come under ‘hole in the wall’ with plastic and simple disposable tableware, though that very interpretation may be its saving grace.

Eat at Cocina La Ley and enjoy it as your own local tradition. You will not be disappointed.

Owned & Operated by
The Larios Family

Cocina La Ley

A Local Tradition