Copper Brothel Brewery
Copper Brothel Brewery

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Copper Brothel Brewery is a family owned and operated brewpub in Sonoita, Arizona. Originally from Colorado, Bob and Cheryl Jesser moved to Sonoita in 2013 with Bob’s father (Grandpa Glenn) in tow. Their daughter, Sammie moved the following year with the rest of their family still residing in Colorado. On July 4th, 2014, the family and a few friends huddled around a jar of moonshine when Marty Robin’s “El Paso” came through the speakers. Bob confessed he’d envisioned opening a brewery resembling Rose’s Cantina, giving each full bawdy brew a name and a personality to match. The family loosely bounced around ideas, thinking nothing would come of the inebriated banter. It wasn’t until the unexpected passing of Grandpa Glenn in the Fall of 2015 that our family would revisit this conversation. While looking through some handwritten notes Grandpa had left, we stumbled upon a list of final wishes. At the top of that list, “Start a Business.” While our family had previously owned and operated an international logistics firm in Colorado, we knew exactly what “business” Grandpa had in mind for us. While homebrewing and brewery hopping had been family hobbies for years, we never seriously considered joining the industry until stumbling upon the note. Cheryl and Sammie took on co-ownership, and Bob as business manager. Sammie also took on the role of brewmaster, converting her homemade brews to a commercial setting. In June 2017, TJ Martinez (our brother from another mother) moved to Sonoita to act as general manager and kitchen guru, just in time to break ground on our building. The following year Bob and Cheryl’s youngest son, Garrett along with his wife, Monika and their daughter moved to complete the family business. After four long and at times, arduous years since that moonshine discussion, we opened our doors in 2018. We often get asked about our name; which strives to pay homage to the Copper State while showcasing the impact brothel’s had on mining communities which would later prosper into large towns around the Wild West. We are honored to bring independent craft culture to Southern Arizona and think Grandpa Glenn would be pretty proud too. Our family invites you to enjoy the beautiful Sonoita landscape and Smooch the Hooch with us.