Copper Queen Hotel
Copper Queen Hotel

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The Copper Queen Hotel is filled with a variety of historical facts. The Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company determined that they needed a place for its dignitaries and investors to stay. Since most of the operations were located in Downtown Bisbee it was logical to build it in the Heart of Downtown Bisbee. The large building across the street was the Phelps Dodge Mercantile. It had a large boiler room in its basement and there was a tunnel that led to the Copper Queen Hotel and was used in providing heat.

Over the years many famous people have stayed or have visited the Copper Queen Hotel during their visit to Bisbee. These include John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Lee Remick, Michelle Pfieffer, Julia Roberts, Keifer Sutherland, Ollie North, First Lady Nancy Reagan, Jake Lamotta, Gabriel Giffords, Mark, John McCain, and family members of Linda Ronstadt. We have been featured on Ghost Hunters (TAPS) and Ghost Adventures. It is known that Johnny Depp stayed here, but it was a short stay.

The Copper Queen Hotel was built with 72 rooms with a shared bath on each floor. The Hotel had a restaurant called the Copper Queen Cafe and a Saloon. The restaurant and saloon are in its original location and eventually, the Saloon was expanded to its current size. It was the only full-service hotel in Bisbee. The Palm Room on the first floor was used as an air well to provide cool air to each of its rooms. There was Tiffany Glass in the ceiling of the Palm Room but during one of its monsoon season, the glass shattered and as of today no one knows where it located.

It is the Longest Continuously Operating Hotel in Arizona. The Copper Queen Hotel has never closed its door since construction was completed in 1902. As you walk through its double swinging doors you call to look around and see that there is no way to lock them. Someone has been in the Hotel 24 hours a day since February 1902.