Eastern Arizona Museum
Eastern Arizona Museum

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The main museum is housed in three historic buildings. The entrance is in the 1914 Bank of Pima, constructed by David H Weech. Next is Cluff Hall, the oldest structure in Pima. It was built in 1882 of tufa stone from the limestone quarry at Bear Springs Flat and was originally used as a community gathering place where plays and musicals were held, as well as some LDS church meetings and conferences. Rounding out the trio of historical buildings is The Old Rexall Drug Store, built around 1900 and moved to the old Royal Confectionery building in 1928, which had been remodeled by Harve Follett, then run by Walter Haggard. It remained in that location for 34 years, until Vearl & Ethel Cluff moved around the corner into their brand-new building in November 1962. Pima has been without a drugstore since its closure on December 1, 1978. The beautiful mirror and other fixtures in this historic building are original.