Fox in a Box Escape Room
Fox in a Box Escape Room


Amusement center in Tucson, Arizona

Welcome to Tucson’s most immersive and high tech escape room!

Rated Tucson’s Top Escape Room on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, etc

Private Rooms! We never mix you with strangers!


Great for Team Building       Our rooms are suited to 2-6 people but we can host up to 18 people at the same time
Rooms operate with 60 minutes play time

On the surface, we’re exciting entertainment, although on a deeper level, we provide exceptional team building.”

These are common workplace problems that companies pay many thousands of dollars to correct. If only there was a magical place that could improve teamwork quickly, entertain and not break the bank… Check! Fox in a Box Tucson is that magical place and we are located in the heart of Tucson! Our escape rooms have been enjoyed by many thousands of people and the best part is that the games are designed to be a team builder for you! Read on to find out how Fox in a Box Tucson can improve your team.

AS ONE SATISFIED PLAYER STATED:     Wonderful escape room experience!
We did the wild west room (easy) and the bank room (hard) and had a great time – super inventive puzzles. They have an awesome policy of giving you 1 free hint every 10 minutes, so you won’t end up getting stuck after 10 minutes and wasting the next 50, which has happened to me at other places. Staff were really friendly and entered the room afterwards to ask for feedback and bring props for pictures. 🙂 Would definitely recommend!