Green Valley Pecan Company
Green Valley Pecan Company

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The land on which the Green Valley Pecan Company began boasts a history as deep and rich as the soil that produces some of the finest pecans in the world. This expanse of fertile land in the Santa Cruz Valley, just south of Tucson, Arizona, belonged to captains of industry and crowned heads of state before being acquired by R. Keith Walden in 1948. The farm remains in the Walden family to this day.

With plenty of sunshine, quality water, and rich, sandy loam soil, the conditions were ideal to grow pecans. In 1965, the Waldens began converting more than 7,000 acres from primarily cotton to the largest irrigated pecan orchard in the world.

As their reputation for taste and quality spread, the pecans grown in the Santa Cruz Valley became sought the world over by confectioners, bakers, supermarket suppliers, and retail chains. Throughout this growth that now encompasses operations in three states and more than 250 employees, three generations of the Walden family have maintained the principles and standards of a family farm. This includes donating land for employee housing, a church, and a new high school and elementary school. The Waldens have stayed true to their Sahuarita roots by giving back and celebrating the community that has helped them flourish.