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Hilltop Gallery is a non-profit organization run by the Board of Directors and Volunteers. We are always looking for individuals interested in the arts and volunteering with time and ideas. Contact us for more information, and help keep the arts alive!

Welcome to the Hilltop Gallery where the gift exchange takes place. Artists present their work as a gift to the viewer. The viewer’s gift to the artists is to look and see.


Since 1976, the Summer Art Program has had over 100 children in attendance during the four week summer art program. This program has been in collaboration with the City of Nogales Parks and Recreation Department and the Santa Cruz County School Superintendent. For over 40 years. An astounding number of children have had creative experiences at Hilltop Gallery. It continues through generations. Hilltop also has classes for adults and children, as well as outreach art classes in the Boys and Girls Club and VFW. In the past years, Hilltop Gallery has sponsored billboards featuring local artists in our community which has brought more art awareness and appreciation to the public.

Hilltop Gallery has collaborated with many other businesses such as the Consulado de Mexico, the Zonta Z Club and the Women’s Club with special exhibits, along with the Santa Cruz Training Program and more. This past year of 2020 has seen our doors close from April to August due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. In September, we reopened our doors to feature a presentation with 40 community members displaying works created during the “Stay at Home” months. Following the Santa Cruz Health Department Guidelines, Hilltop Gallery has reopened the doors with plans to bring “the arts” to the community in more expanded ways.