Hofmann Vineyards, McNeal
Hofmann Vineyards, McNeal

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Winery located at McNeal, Arizona

​Hofmann Vineyards is located in Cochise County, Arizona on Tombstone Heritage Ranch. Tombstone Heritage Ranch consists of approximately 6500 acres with a North and South Entrance on North High Lonesome Road at the 15 mile marker on Davis Road. Davis road connects highway 80 approximately 3 miles south of Tombstone to highway 191 in McNeal, Arizona. We are located on North sections of Tombstone Heritage Ranch on High Lonesome Road approximately 1.7 miles from the entrance. Portions of the original High Lonesome Road still exist on the North Sections and in the future we will have a small picnic area for guests alone this old road that was used to carry the ore from the Gold mine in Gleason to be processed in Bisbee.

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Hofmann Vineyards

​PO Box 100

McNeal, AZ 85617, USA

We are proud of our vineyard.  If you would like to visit, contact us via email at: hofmannvineyards.com/contact-us.html and we will respond by sending your reservation.

About Hofmann Vineyards
German Style Winery with vineyards on High Lonesome Road north of Bisbee Arizona and east of Tombstone Arizona. We are only about 5 miles from the famous McNeal White Water Wildlife Reserve great for viewing the Sand Hill Cranes in the winter months. We also offer wine tasting and tours of wine making facilites. All our wines are made on site and most of the grapes are grown on one of our 3 vineyards in the area. We normally have approximately 20 wines to choose from in this Boutique Winery. On occasion we offer some barrel tasting of some of our new wines on the winery tour.

Vidal Blanc Label approved and bottling now. This grape is normally grown in colder climates, but we have been successful in growing it now in Arizona at our approximately 4500 ft. elevation. We have produced this wine as what we call Halb Trocken, half dry with somewhat sweetness. This wine goes well with both pork and fish dishes, as well with sharp cheese for what we like to call tea time in the late afternoon.

Our 2016 “EIN” is now available. Many of the tasters have rated this as one of our best yet when sampling on our free tours in the winery, but now some is bottled and available in the tasting room.

The Sand Hill Cranes came back in late November to the Whitewater Draw Nature Reserve. This only 5 miles from the Hofmann vineyards and Winery. This is an enjoyable view of these very large birds that winter here. Enjoy a great bottle of wine as you picnic.

We now Have walking paths and a patio picnic table available for wine tasting guests

We offer some of the best European Wine Grape wines grown on the high desert between Tombstone and Bisbee Arizona. These Arizona Wines are proving to be of very high quality and exceptional taste. We also have a Genealogy site you are welcome to visit at www.hofmann-pages.com .

We now have our 2016 Lemberger available. This is our first harvest of this wonderful grape and we have a very limited supply to offer. Do not confuse this with the famous cheese, but it goes very well with all sharp and tasty cheeses. We are one of the first Arizona Wine Vineyards to grow this grape which is very popular in Deutschland.

Call for availability – +1.520-403-2100. We are now open for tasting or selling, and available to give tours of the vineyards and winery when we are on location. . Get a Hofmann Vineyards wine glass with your tasting.

​Call for free tour with wine tasting… Also one night free camper parking with Tasting – No hook ups.

No Cash, we accept all major credit and debit cards

We are totally off the electric grid, so we depend on the sun to not only grow our grapes but also to supply electric power to our guest house, tasting room, winery and irrigation system, including wells.

When you visit for tasting, we are happy to show your our solar set up. We actually have enough solar power on the hottest days of summer to have the sun run the air conditioner to keep both our Guest House and Tasting Room cool as well as the cool room in the Winery building.

We recommend www.toadmountain.com if you need a place to stay in the area. They offer riding and other farm activities and are only a few miles from our winery and tasting room. We offer dry camping only and tours of our winery with tasting.

This tour is well worth taking if you are in the area.  History abounds on this beautiful facility.