Swanson’s Moving & Delivery LLC
Swanson’s Moving & Delivery LLC


Swanson’s Moving & Delivery is a family-owned and operated company. We were born and raised right here in Tucson. We have over 30 years of experience moving and delivering furniture of all kinds right here in Tucson.

Dave Swanson (the oldest) Born right here in Tucson over 50 years ago has the most experience. In his teens, he helped our father at our family-owned auction house moving and delivering furniture. He moved with the family to Nebraska in the late ’70s where he married his high school sweetheart. He lived there for 18 years where he raised four children. He and his family moved back to Tucson in 1998 where he rejoined the family business. Since 1998 to the present he has been moving and delivering furniture here in Tucson or doing cross country moves.

Dan Swanson (the tech) was also born right here in Tucson in the late ’60s. He also grew up in the family business moving and delivering furniture at a young age. Dan is the most traveled of the bunch has lived in Nebraska not once but twice, and Wisconsin for 9 years. After returning to Tucson in 2005 he also rejoined the family business. Since then he has been moving and delivering furniture of all types.

Rick Swanson (the Driver) Dave’s oldest son was not born here in Tucson but in Nebraska where he lived until his family moved here in 1998. After graduating from high school he jumped right in with both feet. First on his own delivering for multiple companies. In 2005 when all of us joined together he became the long-distance driver as well as the local mover. He and his brother tell us they are the A-team.

Andrew Swanson (the Comedian) is Rick’s Younger Brother and was also born in Nebraska. After moving to Tucson with his family in 1998 he started helping his dad with moving and deliveries after school. After he graduated in 2005 he jumped right in full time in the moving and delivery business. Andrew is the comic relief of the bunch. He loves to crack jokes and boys can he talk your ear off.