The Bamboo Terrace
The Bamboo Terrace

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It was in November of 1983 that Wai Tong (known as Mark) and May Mark first opened the doors to their new restaurant, the Bamboo Terrace. And from that very first day, the restaurant was a success. Just as May and Mark believed, the people living and working in the area were ready and waiting for a great Chinese restaurant.

Bamboo Terrace (known by our regulars as “The Bamboo”) is a fixture on Tucson’s Southwest side, with many customers stopping in several times a week to pick up the Bamboo’s famous Lo-Mein, Sesame Chicken, Mongolian Beef, or whatever their favorites of the many dishes we serve up. We have stuck to our promise to our loyal customers that, even in this era of Chinese “super buffets”, the Bamboo will always serve food that is cooked fresh to order, never pre-made, with only high quality ingredients such as all white meat chicken breast. We have a strong belief that Chinese food can never be pre-made, as much of the flavor is lost if the food sits in a steam table. We hope you enjoy your experience at the Bamboo. If you haven’t already, make sure you try our Lo-Mein!

Mark and May based their business principles on simple beliefs and values. Offer good, fresh food at reasonable prices and with friendly and efficient service. This meant that dishes were to be cooked to order.

No steam tables keeping hours-old food warm, or buffet lines here! Only fresh vegetables and high quality meat, including only all-white chicken breast, would be used. And it all would be served up in a restaurant with a neighborhood feel.

Bamboo Terrace is a place where genuine food and the culture of family are fostered to create an inviting experience.