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Yard Woman is an old fashion herb shop featuring natural products in the western herbal tradition. We make our own tinctures, tonics, and teas. We grow some of our own herbs; and also rely on local growers, ethical wildcrafters and trustworthy companies to provide our herbs. In addition to our herbal products, we carry homeopathics, pharmaceutical grade essential oils, handmade soaps and lotions, supplements and a range of gemstones and minerals. Not to mention unique natural gifts and yard art, interesting books and tarot and affirmation cards. Custom blending is a part of our service to our customers. All of our products are natural/organic. We support fair trade, our local farmers and small family-owned businesses, like our own. We buy products from businesses who share our philosophy and who are in compliance with FDA Regulations and G(ood) M(anufacturing) P(ractices). Our products are not animal tested, do not contain dyes, alcohol, synthetic fragrances or chemically produced preservatives.